How to Protect Yourself From Allergies

It is important to subject yourself to an allergy testing so as to know the particular thing that causes you allergic reactions so that you can be able to avoid it. As long as you know the items causing an allergic reaction to you, allergies can be prevented. You can protect yourself from allergies by;

Allergy-Free Homesfcfscsfsc

Allergy increase is due to our modern lifestyle of spending most of the time indoors. Our houses can be clean but is our environment cleaner? Below are the things we should do to ensure we are living in a healthy environment.

Keep Rooms Dry

Use an exhaust fan to reduce mold both in the laundry and the bathroom after use. Once in a week wipe and dry the toilet, sink and the areas mold and moisture develops should be checked and be cleaned. Rooms should be dry, keep the bathroom door or window slightly open, use the washable plastic shower curtains that can be washed when the need arises and do not over water your indoor plants.


It is important to keep your pets outdoors or away from your room. You may be allergic to the proteins found in the saliva, urine, dander and your animals’ fur. Precisely groom your pet daily and it should be best done in the outdoors.


The furniture we bring in our homes is mold and dust mites’ collectors’ example if you have upholstered furniture, non-washable curtains, and wall to wall carpeting. You may want to consider tiles and hardwood floor as they do not collect dander, washable shade or curtains.

Clutter And Collectibles

All household items, newspapers, and books attract dust. Dust surfaces as often as needed to avoid allergens in your home. Recycle magazines, newspapers plastics, and cans once every week. Use bags or plastic bins if you need to store any items.


Dust mites thrive in humid air, and tiny bugs nestle in your pillows and mattress. You can use microfiber or dustless casing for your mattress and pillows. Wash your bed sheets in high temperature twice a week and place them in a dryer.

Kitchen Area

fxcfcsfscsfMake sure you wipe your fridge door clean with a damp cloth, once a while checks the drip pans and ensure they are dry to avoid mildew. Install an exhaust fan over the stove to reduce moisture for cooking fumes.


Sweeping, vacuuming or dusting stir up dust mites which take time before they settle. Use a vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency particulate air filter so that you can’t breathe in the dust mite