There has been a lot of information on child obesity. The reason being the alarming rate at which the number of cases of child obesity is increasing. Health experts feel this issue is now becoming an epidemic. But parents can help prevent and control child obesity if they follow the four steps below.

Abolish Soft Drinks From The Dietafcxafacfa

Children love to drink soda, but soda is only high in calories and sugar that doesn’t add a nutritive value to the body. It is important to eliminate or substitute soda with any healthy drink from your child’s diet. You can encourage your child to drink low-fat milk, water and fresh fruit juice instead of soda. To succeed doing this, you must also try to do away with soda so that you can set an example for your child.

Avoid Fast Food

It is normal for children to take hamburgers, milkshakes, chips and other unhealthy food. But they should have a limit in taking the fast foods like they eat it once a while and not daily and also teach them to make healthy food choices too. It is important as a parent to let your children know the impact of fast food diet to their bodies if taken too much.

Television View

xfxcxfxcSet the hours of viewing television and encourage your children to take other hobbies instead of sitting in front of the television for a whole day. This also applies to other technology like playing video games, watching movies and spending a lot of time on the internet. You can restrict your children from television viewing by having a television in the family room only and not in their bedroom, and it should be turned off during meals as it is the time of the family to bound together.

Promote Physical Activities

It is important to encourage your child to be physically active. Lack of activity is one of the most problems in today’s modern era. Media technology has been used to replace imaginative play which promotes a sedentary lifestyle. It is crucial for our children to be physically active each day. This can take place in the form of physical education, play, community activities, walk to shops, sport or any other activity that involves physical exertion.

If the children remain to be obese until they are adults, they may suffer from a lot of diseases example heart problems and diabetes. Therefore it is important to ensure to help your child have an optimum weight.